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Energy Assessment Opportunity
Only $150

PG&E is offering 0% interest on-bill financing for any energy efficiency upgrades. That means a person who wants to change out old equipment, purchase new lights, or replace old HVAC equipment can receive a check for the estimated savings over 10 years to be paid back through the energy savings realized. The on-bill financing can also be used to make building augmentations to reduce the touching of surfaces, a major way COVID-19 is transferred, such as occupancy controlled lights. Typically, the 10yr savings are greater than the installation costs leaving the client to be cash positive the first month after installation.

To obtain this money you need someone to do the energy calculations to estimate the savings. My company conducts an energy assessment on all items of interest and submits the information to PG&E on your behalf. We can also help obtain quotes and bids for replacement of equipment (HVAC, lighting, etc.).

We charge a modest $500 for the energy assessment and add the rest of our fees for obtaining the on-bill financing and any other support to the loan amount. For the rest of May, with the understanding that people can really benefit from this but money is tight we are offering the energy assessment for $150.

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