Unlocking the flow of hydrogen across the whole value chain

Hydrogen Production

From SMR to electrolyzer plants and more, our system efficiently purifies and produces hydrogen, powering various industries

Transport and Storage

Whether blending into pipelines or using dedicated routes, our system compresses and purifies hydrogen seamlessly for transport and storage

End Use

Our unique system delivers high-quality, compressed fuel-cell grade hydrogen for a range of applications in the mobility and industrial sector



Our G10T unit simultaneously purifies and compresses up to 10 ton/day hydrogen to over 99.999% purity at 1,000 bar with less than 3 kWh/kg packed in a 20 ft container. Similar to PEM electrolyzers, for larger H2 production plants, containers can be stacked in parallel to meet the requirements

To achieve diesel parity we must reduce the cost of hydrogen production and delivery by 80%

A breakthrough in hydrogen purification and compression through electrochemistry

High-temperature PEM cell

At higher temperatures, our PEM membrane is immune to impurities including CO, CO2, CH4, N2 etc.

99.999% Purity

Our system can deliver 99.999% pure hydrogen, highest grade hydrogen suitable for fuel cell applications and chip manufacturing

100% recovery

With near 100% faradaic efficiency, our PEM EHP, recovered 100% of hydrogen in the feed, marking an unparalleled efficiency in hydrogen recovery. Legacy systems can lose 10-20% of the hydrogen after separation. No compromise for recovery vs purity

1000 Bars

Our system can compress hydrogen to 1,000 bars if needed. Mobility storage applications are rated at 350 bar and 700 bar

Unlike mechanical compressors and Pressure Swing Adsorpers (PSA), our system has no moving parts, making pure and compressed hydrogen in silence

Across the whole value chain

A system with application across the whole value chain, truly unlocking the flow of hydrogen at low cost

Refueling station
Chip manufacturing
Waste to hydrogen
Glass production
Geological hydrogen
Ammonia synthesis
Large-capacity workshop for the production of ammonia of a petrochemical plant. Exterior of tube furnace, Shaft converter, CO2 adsorber with copy space
Ammonia cracking
electrolyzer plants
Electrolyzer plants
metal production
Metal production
SAF production
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